A Little About Us.


AGGLETON & ASSOCIATES, Inc., was founded by David G Aggleton, CPP, CSC, as a NY corporation in 1996 and as a CA corporation in 2013. The firm offers expert witness, consulting and design services related to the security of corporate and organizational assets.

A&A’s clients benefit from nearly 40 years of security industry experience. A&A has been awarded more than five hundred projects since its inception and has achieved a reputation for professionalism and integrity.


Aggleton & Associates is compensated only by its clients – not by manufacturers, dealers, contractors, or guard companies. We will not force-fit hardware solutions when procedures are sufficient, nor will we recommend security staff where systems solutions would be more cost effective.

We are proud of our independence – our allegiance is only to you, our client – and we have no financial interests in any products or services that we recommend as solutions.

Each year, as a member of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC), Dave Aggleton reaffirms his independence.


Dave Aggleton, CPP, CSC

David G. Aggleton, CPP, CSC, is president and principal consultant. He joined in the security industry in 1978 and has completed over 1000 consulting and design projects during nearly 40 years.

Dave joined ASIS in 1981, received his CPP in 1990, and is past chair of the ASIS Standing Council on Security Architecture & Engineering. Dave joined the IAPSC, International Association of Professional Security Consultants, in 1992, and is a Meritorious Life Member, board member and past president. He became a Certified Security Consultant in 2006.

In 1995 Dave was honored by SIA’s Standards Achievement Award for his work in developing the SIA/IAPSC CAD Symbol standards. In 2015 Dave was honored by IAPSC’s Distinguished Service Accolade and, in 2016 Dave received the first U.S. OSPA (Outstanding Security Performance Award) in the security consulting category.

Dave is a frequent speaker at industry conferences where he has taught security design, technology and consulting topics in more than 50 seminars and workshops for ASIS, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, IAPSC, SIA, ISC, IAHSS, IFMA and APE.

Dave has authored more than 30 articles for security industry publications. In 1996 Dave was invited to join the editorial staff of the Protection of Assets Manual and became a part owner from 1999 until it was sold to ASIS in 2004. He wrote 17 chapter parts for the POA Manual and 90 monthly columns for the POA Bulletin.